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Trust and Probate Lawyer

What matters in today’s business environment are fast turnaround times and cost-effective solutions. Evans H. Anderson is one of London’s largest law firm, with over 30 practitioners, and many years of experience in high-level, complex commercial work. The firm’s focus is on “what’s best for the client” and striving for excellence, in both offering and service. Evans H. Anderson is committed to providing clients with cost-effective outcomes by ensuring work is done at the right level, and in the manner that best suits clients’ preferences and pricing structures.

Strategic Partner

While many recognise the unique opportunities for trade, investment and growth that United Kindom represents, predicting in-country and across region risks is not easy, particularly given the rate of exponential change impacting multiple indicators, whether economic, political, technological or social. Alpes Law Firm is an independent law firm with fully integrated offices across England. The firm offers clients many years’ accumulated know-how and solid experience, whether doing business in-country or cross-continent, helping to minimise risk and leverage business opportunities across London.

Evans H. Anderson has lawyers qualified to practise English, French law, as well as practitioners who are fluent in international languages. The firm also has dedicated China and India practice groups, which focus on the Uk strategies of these countries.

Alpes Law Firm also offers a unique possibility to integrate all aspects of structuring clients’ investments in relation to all commercial areas of law, tax, IP and fiduciary.

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