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Larger estates often lead to a trust contest. At Alpes Law Firm, we represent those involved in trust litigation. Your case will be managed by a professional Trust Lawyer who has extensive experience in this area of the law, and how to best present a case. Our experience in trust litigation and our ability to research case law for past court decisions in similar cases, as well as present powerful supporting evidence in a legal dispute could be of great service in your case.

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We have taken on some of the most difficult trust disputes and prevailed for our clients, and we would like to speak with you about your situation. There are cases in which a relative discovers that the will has been changed, and an inheritance that was expected doesn't exist, sometimes as a result of undue influence. In other cases, the assets in the trust have been so poorly managed that the value has been significantly diminished, or expenditures made that were questionable. A trust that was created with vague or ambiguous language can create legal problems when it is time to distribute assets to the beneficiaries. Your loved one who passed away had a specific intention in creating the trust, and protecting his or her wishes in a dispute is of great importance.

When an estate is administered, there can be serious roadblocks to distributing the assets to the named beneficiaries when a legal challenge arises. The process of resolved the dispute can drag out the process for months or years if not handled by a professional Trust Attorney. We will seek out the most expedient resolution, and we are highly professional in this area of the law. Our firm has gained a reputation for our excellent legal work in trust litigation, and we advise you to contact us at once if you are facing some type of legal dispute regarding a trust. Our professionals can take the case in hand, and our objective is to get the matter settled fairly within a reasonable period of time, at the least cost possible to the estate.

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