Ancillary Administration in California

London Trust Administration Lawyer

In many circumstances, the contents of an individual's estate are actually much greater than what was expected by the trustee and beneficiaries. The decedent may have a large estate plan with wills and trusts throughout the country and even the world. These documents may bring to light assets, creditors and beneficiaries that were previously unknown. Ancillary administration is the handling of a decedent's assets which are in another state. At the Alpes Law Firm, our skill and experience can help you handle all ancillary administration and probate matters.

Out-of-State Probate Issues

We can help you deal with all California ancillary administration issues and answer all of your questions. With more than 10 years of experience a London trust administration attorney from our firm can help you through this complex legal issue. No matter where you live, if you have to deal with an asset that is located in California or if you reside in California and have to deal with administration of a trust out of state, we can coordinate with others to ensure that all details are handled in a proper manner.

Ancillary administration is necessary because real estate must be probated in the state which it exists. There may be a probate proceeding that is administered in the home state of the person who has died. If the estate does not have many assets or issues, our firm can file a small estate declaration. No matter what size of your case, however, we can deal with the ancillary administration. We have extensive experience with ancillary probate administration and can act on behalf of the out-of-state family. We can also handle the non-domiciliary administration in California with the trust administration attorney who is dealing with the domiciliary probate in the decedent's home state. Contact our firm today for more information!

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