Petitions for Confirmations

The death of a loved one can be a very tragic circumstance. In many situations, the administration of the decedent's estate is very difficult for all and oftentimes, heavy disputes arise. The legal issues that are involved in an estate dispute can be difficult and require substantial legal assistance from a London trust administration lawyer from our firm. We can also help you file a petition for confirmation. There are a variety of reasons that an individual would wish to file a petition for confirmation.

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Purpose of a Petition for Confirmation

Typically, trust administration can be handled entirely outside of the realm of the court. The involvement of the court comes into play when a dispute arises and clarification is required. The probate court allows dispute remedies for the trustee, the beneficiary or the creditor of the estate. They may seek legal assistance from the court through a petition for confirmation. The petition for confirmation can be for the appointment of the trustee or trustees or for an asset. Oftentimes, a petition to confirm trust property is issued to the trust if specific requirements are met after the maker of the trust has died.

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The confirmation of the appointment of either a trustee or trustees can include an inventory, a description of the assets of the trust, and an estimated of the market value of these assets at the specified date of the petition. There are many different petitions that the trustee, beneficiary, or creditor of a trust can file. At Alpes Law Firm, our attorney can help you know what the best option for your situation is and can help you through the steps.

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