Petition for Instructions

Explanation by a London Trust Administration Lawyer

There are many probate and trust administration instances when a petition for instructions may come in handy. A petition for instructions can be sought by a trustee or beneficiary. That individual can seek court approval of the potential actions that are taken by the trustee in association with the trust administration. The purpose is to ask the judge to explain whether the trustee or beneficiary's action was wrong or right. The procedure of a petition for instructions can be most appropriately handled by a London trust administration lawyer from our firm.

Purpose of a Petition for Instructions

A petition for instructions can be filed in cases where the trustee or beneficiary of a trust would like court guidance on an issue that is concerning to them regarding the trust administration. This can be filed with the probate court and ask the court to "instruct" the trustee if his or her actions have become questionable. Under the UK law, the code states that those who proceedings can be held to instruct the trustee. It is important to remember that this procedure is not beneficial for every circumstance that arises in trust administration, but can help for many issues.

If you are in need of court guidance if you feel that the trustee or beneficiary is acting in an erroneous manner, a London petition for instructions lawyer can help you request this assistance. When an issue of how much in reserves to retain for future interests or with issues involving a conflict of interests that requires court guidance, a petition for instructions can be the means to resolution. It is beneficial to consult with your attorney from Alpes Law Firm to have this issue handled in the most efficient manner possible. Contact our firm today to learn more!

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