Sales of Estate Property

At the Alpes Law Firm, we have the experience and necessary skill set to assist executors and administrators with the valuation and sale of estate property. With more than 10 years of experience, our London estate property sales attorney can be your guide through this process. We can help you maximize the value of an estate's assets. While doing so, we will avoid liability for waste, neglect or other breach of fiduciary duties. By working with an estate property lawyer from our firm, you can obtain the reliable service you deserve for all aspects of estate property sales.

Our Main Objective

The main goal or objective of our firm in a sale of estate property circumstance is to achieve the highest level of return for the heirs and beneficiaries. We do so based on the nature of the assets that are going to be liquidated. We can also help ensure that the method and time of the sale of estate property is appropriate to achieve the greatest result. Our firm can also help to ensure that all estate taxes are adequately paid and all debts are satisfied. We exemplify resourcefulness in our methods of representation and knowing what the best path and solution to your problem may be.

Any sale of estate property can be a complex and long process. When the property owner has passed away, additional legal battles will have to be fought. At Alpes Law Firm, we are firmly committed to uncovering the difficult aspects of your estate property sale. It may be a frustrating time for you and our firm can help you overcome the complex challenges. Contact our firm today if you have any questions about the sale of estate property or would like legal advice on any matter involving estate property.

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