London Probate Litigation Attorney

Probate litigation is sometimes needed to protect the rights of a decedent's beneficiaries and heirs, oftentimes as a result of a poorly drafted will or a dispute between family members. Since probate law in California can be extremely complex and issues of this nature can easily become emotionally-charged battles, these disputes require the expertise of a skilled attorney in order to be resolved. If you have encountered a dispute regarding a loved one's estate that has escalated to the point where litigation is necessary, a London probate litigation lawyer from Alpes Law Firm can protect your legal rights and advocate for a favorable resolution on your behalf.

Probation litigation may be necessary in the face of:

  • A will contest
  • Fraud, duress or undue influence by one or more parties on the decedent
  • Poor performance by an executor or administrator

During probate, a family member may feel overlooked, may feel that he or she received less than other family members or may feel that he or she is being cheated out of his or her inheritance. These are all emotionally and legally complex issues that are best addressed by a London probate litigation lawyer who is highly experienced in probate litigation and who will fight tirelessly to uphold or contest a will or handle any other type of dispute.

The Litigation Process in California

Litigation may cause the probate process to become drawn out and all the more difficult to deal with. Our focus in these matters is to uphold the intentions of the decedent while simultaneously preserving our client's rights to the fullest extent. Whether you need help contesting a will, addressing a dispute or distributing a loved one's estate, you can count on our knowledge of these matters. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation, at which point we can talk about your case and how we can assist you.

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