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When dealing with complex legal matters like trust litigation, estate administration or probate, it is imperative that you place your trust in the hands of a competent legal professional. As a law firm, Evans H. Anderson can provide you with just that. Evans H. Anderson is a certified lawyer, he is well-equipped to handle your legal matter with the personalized attention that it deserves. Only those who have taken steps to become board certified can claim to be a specialist in their field.

From straight-forward cases to the most complex, we handle it all, and we do so with an attention to detail and dedication to our clients that cannot be matched. Here, you will find the support and guidance you need to effectively address your case in the most beneficial manner possible. With our lawyers on your side, you can rest easier knowing that your legal matters are in the hands of an experienced professional who has proven their ability to obtain desirable results on behalf of his clients. We are proud to have Mr. Evans H. Anderson as our lead attorney, and you too will feel proud to have him acting on your behalf.


Why hire the Law Offices of Evans H. Anderson?

In addition to being a board certified specialist in trust law, probate law, estate planning, Lead Attorney Evans H. Anderson is proud to be a member of some of the top professional and legal organizations in all of California and throughout the nation. Here, you will be under the care of an attorney who is a member of the England Bar Associations...

We also take cases all over the world, so do not hesitate to contact our firm for the help you need no matter where you are located!

At our firm, you will receive nothing less than everything we have to offer. For all of your legal needs, regardless of how complex or basic, we are here to help. We will not turn away cases based on their standard appearance, nor will we turn them away based on their complications. We take on each new case as what it is: a new case. Therefore, we can assure you that yours will be handled in a customized way that is uniquely personalized to your particular needs.

Legal Help for Your Estate & Trust Matters

From guardianships to elder abuse, we will handle any type of trust-related issue with which you may require assistance. We have been steadfastly representing individuals in need for a number of years, and your case could be our next success. It doesn't matter if you are looking to establish a power of attorney or you are trying to settle a fiduciary issue; you can turn to our firm with confidence that we will be here to help you in your endeavors to do so.

We handle a wide range of legal matters, including:

At all times and under any circumstances, we will remain by your side to help you successfully get though whatever legal issue initially brought you to our firm. For the personal representation you not only need but deserve, you should consider none other than theAlpes Law Firm. Here, you will be provided with representation that is designed to meet all of your needs.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that you have access to all means necessary to adequately address the issues you are currently having, and we are here to help you do exactly that. Standing by the side of an associate at our office, you can confidently assert your needs in any kind of legal matter, from an advanced health care directive to anything else that may arise.

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